Many of us were taught as we were growing up that it was required of us to wear our "Sunday best" to church. 

Do we find any passages in the Bible to back this up?

Most of the Bible deals with God's relationship to His covenant people, Israel.  He established a set of laws that they would need to follow in order to be holy as He is holy and be able to enter into His presence.  Some of these laws did focus on temple worship and the physical cleanliness of the worshiper.  Little is specifically mentioned about clothing, except the Israelites were not to mix different types of materials, such as wool and linen (symbolic of mixing the true way of God with that of the pagans who lived in close proximity to them and who ultimately caused their spiritual downfall).  And Israelites were not to wear clothes that were specifically linked to the opposite sex (so much for cross-dressing).  Women usually covered their heads to show respect for God and their husbands.  Modesty was the underlying theme.  God's prophets warned against Israelite women wearing sexually alluring clothing.

Christians are not required to follow the law given to ancient Israel.  Which is a good thing.  Israel proved that it is impossible for human beings to be holy as God is holy by obeying a set of laws.  Which is why God sent Jesus.  By receiving the sacrifice He made on the cross to cover our own sins, the sinless righteousness of Jesus transfers to us.  That doesn't mean we can do - and wear - just whatever we want.  If we truly love God, we will want to please Him with our lives and actions.  We will study the Bible to find out more about Him, His character, and what it means to be Holy.  But we are not required to follow the law as laid out in the Old Testament of the Bible.  We can't do it.  No one can.

Church is a place for Christians to gather together to worship God, and the focus needs to be on that.  When it comes to our clothing, we need to ask ourselves if our clothing will detract from that ultimate purpose. If we wear clothing specifically designed to arouse sexual interest from members of the opposite sex, it's a sure bet that God will not be pleased.  We will be using church to promote goals of our own that have nothing to do with worship.   If we wear high fashion clothing mainly to demonstrate our own superiority that too will not go over well with our Lord, who time and again promoted humility as a virtue and pride as a sin.

The best clothing to wear to church should by itself attract no attention, elicit no reaction.  Ideally it should be clean and odor free so as not to cause others in the congregation to focus on matters that do not pertain to God.  But if this is impossible due to your living situation, come to church anyway.  God is most concerned about your spiritual development through your faith in Jesus Christ.  Worshiping with a group of like-minded believers may be a very important part of this growth process.

Who knows.  Maybe the Holy Spirit will lead one of those believers to offer you an item or two from his or her wardrobe that will fit you beautifully and wipe away your self-consciousness re: your church attire. 

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