As is true with most problems in life, catching this one early is the key.  Stocking runs are appropriately named - once they start, they run away quickly.

If the run is at the beginning stages and visible, try clear nail polish.  If you are wearing the stockings, stick a piece of paper over your skin to protect it.  Lightly dab the nail polish around the perimeter of the hole or at each end of the run.   Let the polish dry for 3-5 minutes.  If you don't have clear nail polish and the run isn't visible yet, you can try a colored polish in a pinch. 

Consider investing in pricier stockings to save the long term cost of replacing inexpensive ones.  Stockings with spandex allow them to stretch and expand to fit any figure, reducing the stress that leads to holes and runs. 

Stockings are often one of the last clothes items to go on, when time is running out!  But the process of putting them on should not be rushed.  If you are headed for an important event at which your appearance must be perfect, take a minute to look the stockings over for the beginnings of holes or runs.   If any signs are apparent, choose another pair.  Make sure your rings and bracelets are off when you put on the stockings to avoid snagging, and watch how you use those long dagger-sharp nails. Bunch the stockings at your toes and slowly work them up - don't grab and pull, even if you are in a hurry!  Some people use hair spray to strengthen the toe seam area, where runs and holes often start. After you are safely home, it's better to gently hand-wash and hang dry the stockings to extend their life than to dump them in the laundry basket.  They need special care - the heat of the dryer will weaken their fibers.

But let's get back to reality - here you are at this important dinner with a lot of important business contacts and this huge embarrassing run. If the run is on the front of the leg, try to reposition it to a less obvious spot.  If the stockings are two units instead of one, move the run to the inside of the leg.  If one unit, the run would be less noticeable in the back.  Another option (ideally if your legs are tanned and not the pale color of a whale's belly) is to trash the hose and finish off the event bare-legged.

Next time be sure to pop an emergency pair of stockings in your purse before you leave the house.  And don't forget to invest in a bottle of clear nail polish! 



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