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Have you heard the expression, emergencies are what happen when we are busy making other plans?  When they do strike us personally, they demand our immediate attention.  Those other plans are instantaneously forgotten.  And we need answers right now - not tomorrow, not even in a few minutes.  Unfortunately we're not always prepared for what life brings our way.  Or sometimes we know what we should do, but the solution totally escapes during those fractions of a second within which we must respond. Oops! What Do I Do? provides quick solutions for immediate action to help readers survive until there is time for more extensive planning and action.  The Internet is loaded with information re: emergency response - this website attempts to pull as much of it as possible all together.

It's probably not wise to run over to the computer and request an Internet search for the phrase "grease fire" when the oil for the fried potatoes you were cooking in a frying pan on your stove catches fire (yes, there is an article on this website re: grease fires). But if you enjoy making home-made fries, it might not be a bad idea on a quiet day to educate yourself about accepted procedures to quench grease fires just in case the real thing does happen.

Is it possible to know too much about emergency preparedness? Absolutely not.

(Oops!  What Do I Do? is a community effort.  We welcome comments on articles as well as topic/article/photo submissions.  Article submissions from those who have experienced the incident firsthand and are able to share what worked or didn't work, and what the contributor wishes he/she had done differently, are ideal.  Author credits can be given - or not - depending on his/her preference. Photos should be "free to use", but a credit line will be attached if requested. See the Article and Topic Submissions page for further details.)


Oops! What Do I Do? ... Categories

  • Automotive

    What would we do without passenger vehicles?  Sometimes we are forced to find out when they break down.  In this category are a few articles that can help get your ride back on the road where it belongs.


  • Beauty and Fashion

    Problems with appearance always seem to rear their ugly heads when we least need them to.  Articles in this category will help you get out of the house and to wherever you want to go looking (and feeling) your best.


  • Child Safety

    Children are magnets for mishaps.  Parents (and other involved adults) can never run out of enough advice on how to deal with child-created urgencies.

  • Christian Faith

    Christians may know God, but they don't know everything there is to know about God.  This category looks at some of the issues that arise when believers live out their faith.


  • Cooking

    The kitchen can be the most dangerous place on the planet!  From carefully laid menu plans ending in embarrassment to bloody fingers to full-blown kitchen fires, it's an area to enter at your own risk. 

  • Family

    As we grow older, our appreciation for family grows along with us.  But beloved family members often do present challenges that exceed any others in our lives.


  • Farm Birds and Animals

    Farming, especially livestock farming, is arguably the most educational experience anyone can enjoy.  But ask any farmer and they will tell you that with every added bird or animal comes a slew of potential emergencies.

  • Finances

    Our finances challenge us each day.  Most of us never seem to have enough.  (For those who have more than enough, this category may not be needed.)  Financial limitations can unfortunately dictate how we live our daily lives, but there are ways to limit their impact. 


  • Gardening

    Few activities are as rewarding to those who love growing plants than being out in the garden (or greenhouse).   But since very little in this life is perfect, our personal Edens come with their own hidden menaces.

  • Health

    How many times have we been told that our health is the main ingredient in life that we take for granted ... until we lose it.  Fortunately there are steps we can take to prolong our health so that ill health doesn't suddenly become the main guiding force in our lives.

  • Household

    This topic includes everything from plugged drains to bleach overdoses.  Our homes are truly our castles, but with every castle comes a plethora of demands, some of them requiring a fair bit of know-how and skill to avert catastrophe.

  • Job-Related

    Our jobs supply our bread and butter and in some circumstances our most rewarding social links.  But they can also be fraught with landmines of corruption, coercion, competition, to name a few.  Sometimes hard-working and honest workers find themselves victimized by situations that simply shouldn't be.

  • Pet Birds and Animals

    Articles in this popular category cover every topic from parasites to lack of appetite.  A must for those who truly love their very best friends.

  • Relationships

    This category includes topics on challenges involving our romantic relationships as well as relationships with people we barely know.  Unforeseen circumstances occasionally draw us into close contact with complete strangers and require us to make life-altering decisions.

  • Sports

    Sports are a lot of fun but also one of life's most accident-prone areas.  Play at your own risk may be true.  But when accidents do occur, there are steps that can be taken to mitigate the effects.

  • Technology

    Technology for most of us is like trying to outrun a train that just keeps going and going down a seemingly endless track of new developments.  But we appreciate how it has simplified so many aspects of our everyday lives.  Each of us needs to know enough to use technology to our unique advantage and to protect ourselves against accidental glitches as well as the wolves who use technology for personal profit at the expense of others. 


  • Travel

    Getting out of our box and seeing the rest of the world is one of the most educational and rewarding ways to spend our disposable time.  But traveling also increases our risk factors by several degrees.  Who hasn't read stories about the dream trip that took an unscheduled detour to perdition.

  • Wild Birds and Animals

    We are fortunate to live in a world that is rich with creation, including wild birds and animals.  Usually we appreciate them from a distance, but sometimes our worlds collide, and we are usually the ones forced to make a potentially life-changing decision.


  • Workshop

    For many men (and some women), the workshop is the place where dreams come true.  But it can also be the site of some serious mishaps that require immediate intervention. 


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